Woby Musical Activity Cube Toy Educational Game Play Center Toy with Lights and Sounds

Woby Musical Activity Cube Educational Toy, Play Center Multifunctions with Lights and Skills for Learning and Development as a gift for Kids Toddler Baby Children Girl Boy.
There are various skill functions and interesting activities, help to develop children"s hearing, language, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
The perfect choice for baby"s first musical activity cube toy!A fun add-on to any child"s activity cube collection.It is the perfect idea for 1 year old baby"s infant boys girl toddles as a Gifts, Birthday Presents, Christmas Gifts, etc.

Features:6 sides (plus the top one) of playing , total 15 different dynamic games for entertaining kids.
1. Hammer fly beads: By hitting with small hammer, the little colored balls bounces left and right.
2. Stretching game: the apple and banana toy can be pulled out for playing.
3. Driving car: Rotate the key, control the steeling wheel and press the horn, it will make sound of "Du, du, du, let"s go outing!"
4. Little phone: take out the baby toy phone, learn numbers while playing.
5. Scenes transformation window: Three different scenes change circularly by pressing the door bell, helps baby to know more knowledge.
6. Microphone:"La, la, la, let"s sing!"
7. Rotating gears: Rotate the gear, lovely music will play, meanwhile trigger the gear of undersea world so you can see the marvelous marine creature.
8. Round beads sliding track: There are two tracks, kids can learn colors and numbers.
9. Flashing pat drum: By beating the drum, it will make funny sound and flash light meanwhile, bring much more fun to kids.
Product Size: 11.61 x 7.28 x 9.25 inches
Batteries Required: 3 x AA Batteries (not included)

  • LEARNING IS FUN: developing cognitive capacities of babies and toddlers is a vital, yet difficult job, but with the 15-in-1 activity cube your child’s learning process is on fast forward. Letting them try all the fun activities is the best way to help him develop their mind and coordination skills while playing.What's more,it's the best choice for baby 1-3 year old!
  • Learning activity Cube Center: Beating with the hammer, flapping the drum, rotating or pressing the gears and turning audio console can exercise the skill of babies' hands and fingers, help their fine movement develop well.
  • Cube Play Center: Scene transformation trains the development of baby's language, exercises their proper use of words and phrases, helps improve their imitation ability, learning to use polite language.
  • Woby multifunctional toys: Through beating, patting, twisting and pulling skills operation, enhance the coordinate ability of baby's hands and eyes.
  • A GREAT GIFT: Beating drum game, acquaint babies with the rhythm of music, enhance their interest to music, meanwhile stimulate the development of audition.Applicable to 18 months and above, suitable for toddler infant baby boys and girls of the best gift toys.

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