Wild Yam Root 100 Pure Vegetarian Capsules 575mg. For Women's Reproductive Health, PMS, Cramps, Hot...

  • Greenbush® Wild Yam root capsules have no additives or fillers. Non GMO, Gluten-free. Top quality and potency. 575 mg in vegetarian capsules. A to Z guarantee.
  • TOP USES - Hormone balance, PMS, cramps, hot flashes, increased energy, sexual desire in men and women, breast health and enhancement, improved sexual function, digestion, cholesterol, blood sugar.
  • REAL RESULTS – Wild Yam is used for women's reproductive health, urinary tract health, cramping, and pain management as well as relieving vaginal dryness.
  • WILD YAM - Contains saponins and is used to promote liver health, improve digestion with less bloating, cholesterol and blood sugar balance, cardiovascular health and regulating metabolism.
  • WHOLE MEXICAN WILD YAM – Greenbush® wildcrafted Wild Yam contains a synergy of all the active elements for maximum results, all in an easy-to- swallow capsule. Pure, whole and potent for optimal health and well-being.

Wild yam root, or Mexican yam, is one of the most widely used herbs in the world. Most people have used it in a cream, cosmetic, tea or herbal formula. You might miss it on the ingredient list if Dioscorea villosa, the botanical name, is used. Wild yam contains alkaloids, steroidal saponins, tannins, and phytosterols all of which are beneficial to various systems of your health. The saponins in wild yam are particularly useful for their antispasmodic properties. This is helpful with menstrual and muscle cramps as well as many functions of the digestive system. These saponins also support healthy cholesterol, circulation and blood sugar levels which can support healthy liver function as it reduces stress on the liver. The diosgenin in wild yam further supports the female reproductive system and breast health and is often used in breast enhancement programs. Wild yam became known through its use by native cultures over the centuries and helps support a healthy lifestyle today.

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