Toddler Kid Backpack with Safety Harness Leash Rabbit Bunny Boy Girl Under 3 Age

What kind of children backpack is worth buying?

1,the backpack must be light

baby is still in the growth stage, their skeleton is growing and developing, the backpack can not be too heavy. Maximum weight can not exceed 15% of children weight.

2,lovely shape

Because of the lovely and personalized shape, the baby whether are boys or girls will like very much and happy to carry it, especially its small bear shape,make them feel close to nature.

3, bright color

It help the parents to find their children easily even they run very far.

4, Exercise independent ability

It is a good idea to keep good habits that take care of their own things since childhood.

5, After-sale service is guaranteed

Any problem can be solved quickly and satisfactorily.If you worry about our after-sale service, now you can immediately try to test us, we will not disappoint you.

Warm prompt

If you want to fill a lot of children clothes, bottles, snacks, cups or your wallet, mobile phone, paper towels, a lot of things, I don?t think this bag is suitable for you. First, don't let the children get too much weight, then if you travel or hiking with children to parks, churches, beaches, can let the children choose a few pieces of favorite snacks , toys and put them into their ow n backpacks and carry it by themself. They will felt a sense of achievement and happy. The other heavy things, the parents can help to carry.

  • Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 3.9 x 11.4 inches
  • ASIN: B0745X3FCW
  • Date first listed on : January 1, 2017
  • SIZE : 9.1in*3.9in*11.4in (L*W*H); Weight: ultra light design, only 0.66lb;
  • FABRIC : canvas, wear resistant and dirty, comfortable and environmentally friendly; Its back has a layer of cushioning layer, very soft and comfortable.
  • STRUCTURE: 1, it looks like there is a rabbit lie on the backpack. 2, there are two rabbit legs as a decoration of the backpack at the bottom of it. Its cute shape is suitable for girls to use. 3,there is a side pocket on each side of the Backpack.
  • STYLE : This backpack has a total of 4 colors (green, blue, pink, red). Its capacity is enough to hold all the things that your children need for school ,such as books, pencil box, iPad and so on. If you go to travel or hiking, you also can pack the things that owned by your children, such as cup, snacks ,toy and lunch box etc.
  • Children age and height range: under 36 months age or Height below 3.6 feet.

Type: Unknown Type

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