Tissue Paper Pom Pom Flowers and Paper Lanterns Party Decoration, 12 Pieces


  • Paper hanging decoration set with different bright color; Good for birthday, party, wedding, home decoration, baby shower, etc.
  • Package includes: 3 * 8 inch paper lantern, 3 * 10 inch paper lantern, 3 * 8 inch tissue paper flower, 3 * 10 inch tissue paper flower
  • Can create fun and surprise with these beautiful festive party decorations
  • Lightweight, easy to hang them on the wall, above the table, in the hallway, on the tree, etc.
  • Easy to use with the installation instructions; Color: gold, pink and ivory

Paper Pom Pom Flowers Paper Lanterns for Party Decorations

  • Add these additional embellishments to wedding reception making it more lively and dimensional.
  • Decorate your own party with paper hanging decorations of different bright colors.
  • Perfectly compatible with any celebration.

Vivid Colors, Rich-looking, Two Different Sizes

  • Made of tissue paper, these pom poms come folded in.
  • Brightly cute colored and impressively charming festive decoration!
  • Fluff them out with a little patience, tissue paper will come out lovely.

Easy to Assemble, Easy to Hang

  • With metal braces to keep open and hang from.
  • Can be applied as lamp shade, softens lighting to a soothing glow.
  • Easy to put together, the paper lanterns come flat and you open them up and
             insert the metal stand to keep them expanded.


Get Creative, Make your Party Look Elegant and Dreamy

  • Fix the middle of the the pom pom, then begin separating them.
  • Other than making pom poms, it can also be shaped as lotus flower or other craft projects.
  • With a little bit of creativeness you could use these for anything you want to create.
  • Decor a unique room, make a graceful and beautiful life with little efforts.
  • Fabulous decorations for wedding, party, baby shower, festival, holiday and other celebrations.


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