Survival Seed Vault: Survivalist Dry Box with Expert-Selected, Non-GMO, Open-Pollinated Seed for Survival Garden


  • Kit contains 25 survival seed packets, FREE practice seed bonus packet and two pouches for seed storage.
  • Non-GMO, open-pollinated seed, hand-selected by horticultural experts. Over $65 value!
  • Rugged, water-resistant, multi-functional Dry Box for seed storage and preparedness. Manufactured in the USA..
  • Detailed instructions feature tips for long term storage, nutritional facts and unique plant uses.
  • Great for survivalists and gardeners, both novice and experienced. A truly memorable gift.

Our team of horticulturists has specially selected the highest quality seed for top performance in your garden, whether you are growing for fun or survival. This selection of open-pollinated varieties are easy to grow, have good storage qualities and offer high nutrient contents. Our experts focused on creating the most resourceful survival garden and carefully selected for a more beneficial and versatile crop—like using vegetables that will extend your garden's production season and herbs that are popular in homeopathic recipes. Varieties Included/Days to Maturity: Painted Mountain Corn/90 days, Early Contender Bush Bean/49, Tohya Edamame/78, Miragreen Pea/68, Dwarf Horticultural Shell Bean/60, San Marzano Tomato/85, Brandywine Tomato/90, Sweet Banana Pepper/68, Carnivale Cayenne Blend Hot Pepper/75, Purple White Top Globe Turnip/55, Oxheart Carrot/90, Perfected Detroit Beet/58, Late Flat Dutch Premium Cabbage/105, Oregano/90, Coriander-Cilantro/45, Sweet Basil/85, Echinacea purpurea/300-365, Heirloom Cutting Mixture Leaf Lettuce/20-85, Lucullus Swiss Chard/60, Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach/43, Black Magic Zucchini/50, Waltham Butternut Winter Squash/95, American Giant Sunflower/90, Lacinato Kale/60-90, Straight Eight Slicing Cucumber/65, BONUS SEED PACKET: Buttercrunch Lettuce/65. Sample copy from instructions: 'American Giant Sunflower—Unbeatable for sheer mass of seed! Important resource for pressing your own oil. The substantial stems left over at the end of the growing could also be dried for fire starting material', 'Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach— Extremely cold tolerant, can be harvested all winter long with protective cover. One of the most nutritionally dense foods, rich in Vitamin K, A and manganese, as well as lutein and folate'. Seed performs best in hardiness/grow zones 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 9. Dry Box manufactured by MTM Case-Gard in Dayton, Ohio USA. Seed brands are a mix of Gurney's and Henry Field's.

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