+Steel Stainless Steel Non-Slip Mixing Bowl Set of 4 with Lids and Whisk


  • WHISK & LIDS – Each set includes a All Stainless Steel Whisk as well as matching lids for each bowl which allows for easy food storage. No need for Plastic Wrap or Tin Foil!
  • MEASUREMENT INDICATORS - Each Bowl has a Laser Engraved Measurement Indicators in both Metric and US Customary on the interior of the bowl.
  • NON-SLIP SILICONE BOTTOM - Makes sure to keep the bowls in place during use which helps prevent spills and reduces the need to hold the bowl in place during mixing.
  • NESTING & CONVIENCE – All the bowls can be nested with lids inside one another for ease of storage and to save space in your cabinets as well. Dishwasher Safe.
  • +STEEL MIXING BOWL SET INCLUDES: 4 Bowls with Lids Sizes 1Qt, 1.5Qt, 3Qt, and 5Q as well as an all Stainless Steel Whisk for convenience. Made with increased thickness of steel to ensure long lasting durability.

The +Steel Mixing Bowl Set

Whip, blend, emulsify, knead, and toss whatever needs mixing in this masterfully refined set of multi-sized stainless steel mixing bowls. In addition to
the fixed measurement indicators engraved into the steel, each bowl comes with a non-skid silicone bottom for easy use on every surface, from slippery
kitchen counters to unsteady picnic tables. The set also comes with a sturdy stainless-steel whisk, perfect for blending dry spices, mixing salad dressings,
beating eggs, whipping creams, and more. Designed to outlast their owners desire to cook, these four bowls are the very best in performance, durability,
and versatility.


Our Mixing Bowl Set was created to provide a wide range of versatile uses to our +Steel Customers. Four different sizes of bowls means there
will always be a convenient size for your particular needs. The lids allow a much more convenient food storage ability without the need for tin foil
or plastic wrap. With the addition of the measurement indicators there is a lessened reliance on measuring cups during the baking process.
Our Mixing Bowl Set also includes a All Stainless Steel Whisk which was a logical edition to the set and enhances the versatility.

Mixing Bowl Set Features

The +Steel Mixing Bowl set contains 4 bowls with lids and an all stainless steel whisk. Our Mixing Bowls incorporate a silicone non-slip base
and measurement indicators on the interior of the bowls in both Metric and US customary. The bowls can also nest inside one another
with lids for ease of storage when not being used.

Specifications & Care

The sizes for the bowls are 1Qt, 1.5Qt, 3Qt, 5Qt all with matching lids. The bowls are also made from commercial kitchen grade stainless steel as well
as a increased thickness of steel to ensure they last a lifetime. Dishwasher Safe.


Type: Kitchen

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