SHIP BY USPS: Yum-Yum Dophilus Jarrow Formulas 60 Chewable

  • 60 Wafers
  • Serving Size: 2 chewable tablets
  • 30 Servings Per Container

Yum-Yum Dophilus™ For Intestinal & Immune Health* Dosage: 1 Billion Per 2 Capsules Yum-Yum Dophilus™ provides 4 strains of potent beneficial bacteria in a yummy chewable tablet. Beneficial intestinal flora can be depleted by a diet that is low in fiber, high in meat and sugar, by medication taken for illness and infections, travel and stress, etc.The result is the disruption of the normal intestinal microflora which can affect digestion and well being.* The friendly bacteria in Yum-Yum Dophilus™ favorably balance the microorganisms in the intestine, support immune function and promote health.* Xylitol is used to enhance the taste and promote dental health.* Each tablet is individually blister packed for enhanced stability and convenience.

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