SHIP BY USPS: Vitamin K2 - Menaquinone 7 (MK7) - 100mcg, 100 Capsules (1 Bottle) - Made in USA

  • BONE STRENGTH, CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH, HEALTHY BONES AND MUSCLES & CELLULAR ENERGY: Vitamin K2 - Menaquinone 7 (MK7) helps maintain a strong and healthy Bones, increase energy levels making you feel more alert and strong. Aids in calcium absorption and supporting healthy bones.*
  • BEST VALUE ON AMAZON – 100 CAPSULES – 100MG each – Over 3 month supply. One bottle of our product contains 100 capsules of extra strength Vitamin K2 - Menaquinone 7 (MK7) providing you with 100 days of our product. Our competitors offer significantly less capsules at lower concentrations. With our Mental Refreshment Brand of Vitamin K2 - Menaquinone 7 (MK7) you buy fewer bottles saving you money and time.*
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - ORDER RISK FREE: If within 30 days your unhappy with your product in any way just send it back to us and we will fully refund your purchase price. No questions asked. *
  • HIGHEST QUALITY AVAILABLE: our product is made from pure Vitamin K2 as Menaquinone-7 free of extraneous fillers, binders and artificial ingredients to ensure no unwanted side effects for you! All of our supplements pass through extensive quality control testing before being bottled and sold. We use only FDA registered and GMP compliant manufacturing facilities in the USA. You can rest assured that you are receiving a high-quality product each time you buy from Mental Refreshment Nutrition.*

What is Vitamin K2:

Vitamin K-2, also known as Menaquinone MK-7, is made via fermentation by Bacillus subtilis natto. MK-7 (Menaquinone-7) is an enhanced bioactive form of vitamin K2 found naturally occurring in Natto that is ten times better absorbed than K1 from spinach. MK-7 is responsible for the carboxylation of specific bone proteins needed for building bones. Also, MK-7 promotes cardiovascular health by helping to maintain arterial elasticity, supporting normal blood clotting and activates enzymes responsible for bone formation. Modern Scientific Breakthrough: The Story of Vitamin K2 goes back to 1935 when it was discovered to be necessary for your body to properly clot blood. Since then, modern science has uncovered that its vital for so much more, including protecting your arteries, bones, and heart health. A new study even suggests that people with higher vitamin K intakes are less likely to die from all causes of death.

Why Supplement with K-2:

  • Supports healthy bones and muscles
  • Supports healthy cardiovascular function
  • Supports Calcium Absorption
  • Supports Bone and Muscles Health
  • Supports the Cardiovascular system
  • Supports Joint Health
  • Vitamin K2 keeps calcium in bones and teeth and out of soft tissues
QUALITY AND RELIABILITY IS OUR HIGHEST CONCERN · 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE · Manufactured right here in the USA · Our supplements are always formulated in GMP compliant facilities · Our supplements are always subjected to stringent testing

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