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  • ALL NATURAL CONSTIPATION RELIEF mild laxative relieves constipation without cramps. Helps maintain regularity for better colon health. Pure Triphala extract for healthy digestion & better immunity.
  • GENTLE CLEANSE AND DETOX Triphala vegetable capsules support intestinal repair, elimination of waste & pollutants. Natural laxative acts as a detoxifying internal cleanser for better health & weight loss benefits.
  • ANTIOXIDANT VITAMIN holistic remedy stimulates immune system and supports healthy blood sugar and eye health. Antioxidant supplement for women and men protects the body and supports tissue repair.
  • 3 FRUIT EXTRACTS triphala capsules Amla Harada and Behera work to support colon digestion and circulation. Dietary supplement has weight loss benefits. Ayurvedic medicine promotes increased energy.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE triphala extra strength are fast acting and easy to swallow vegetable capsule encourages regularity and provide liver support for an Ayurvedic plant solution remedy for internal balance.

"Triphala is an incredible herbal formulation that is comprised of 3 fruit extracts. Our special blend contains Amla, Harada, Behera fruit extracts. Packed with antioxidant flavonoids and polyphenols, these healthy chemical compounds help to repair tissues and prevent ailments. They also work to support healthy digestion to improve gut health and immune system function. Triphala also acts as a detox and cleanse to remove waste which results in weight loss and better energy. The three therapeutic fruits all have unique rejuvenating properties: Amla – also known as Indian gooseberry, it has a high vitamin c antioxidant content has provides digestive and liver support as well as acting as a natural diuretic. Harada – Also known as harataki helps relieve constipation issues. Behera – works to detoxify and provides cardiovascular support. These three powerful botanicals are effective apart, but blended together and their benefits increase tenfold. This potent herbal remedy is known as the “nectar of life” for a reason. It has extremely impressive healing properties that truly provide you with benefits head to toe. Triphala also relieves bone and joint discomfort and even strengthens the hair roots and fights dandruff for thicker and healthier hair and scalp. Triphala Powder blend also has skin healing properties such as clearing acne and even has a positive effect on dark circles. This supplement functions as a digestive tonic and colon cleanse to improve overall health bring balance and regularity to your system. • Triphala Powder Capsules • 3 Fruit Extract Holistic Remedy – Amla, Harada, Behera • Ayurvedic Medicine For Weight Loss • Digestive Support • Constipation Relief + Colon Health • Promotes Bowel Regularity • Healing Herbs For Hair And Skin • Liver Support • Powerful Antioxidant Blend "

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