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  • WHAT IT TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS: Tribulus is a plant-based supplement derived from the Tribulus plant. The steroidal saponins found in the plant form of Tribulus, specifically the protodioscin ingredient.
  • COMMON NAMES FOR TRIBULUS: Tribulus is called by a variety of names. You may have stumbled on the following names, either way, experience how tribulus can change your body and your life: Tribulus Terrestris, Tribule Terrestre, and Tribulis. You may even encounter some terms such as puncture weed, puncture vine, goathead, cat's head, devil's thorn and devils weed or some misspelling such as Tribulus Terrestrus.
  • ENHANCE LIBIDO AND INCREASE TESTOSTERONE PRODUCTION - Are you feeling less than virile and despite following a healthy lifestyle, you're missing that extra spark? TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS works to naturally and effectively boost testosterone, libido and virility, without unnatural ingredients or unwanted side effects.
  • WHY TRIBULUS FROM SPORT SUPPLEMENTS: Not all Tribulus products are created equal and the problem with most is that you don't get the potency that you want and the effects are short lived. This is why we wanted to launch a Top Tribulus Supplement into the market that speaks for itself in terms of potency and power. We did this by making sure we cultivate only the purest Tribulus with guaranteed maximum strength.Highest Potency of Standardized Tribulus Terrestris Extract.
  • PLEASE KEEP CALM WITH 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - At Sport Supplements we care about our customer's satisfaction, that's why we offer a generous 30-day return policy just for trying our Supplements. Tribulus Terrestris - Made in USA at FDA & GMP Certified Facilities. No artificial color, flavor or sweetener, no preservatives and no sugar. Pure and Premium Quality.

Tribulus Terrestis Extract 1000mg - Natural Testosterone Booster!

Tribulus Terrestris is a flowering plant in the family Zygophyllaceae, native to warm temperate and tropical regions of the Old World in southern Europe, southern Asia, throughout Africa, and Australia.Tribulus Terrestris claimed to increase the body's natural testosterone levels and thereby improve male sexual performance and help build muscle. Its purported muscle-building potential was popularized by American IFBB bodybuilding champion Jeffrey Petermann in the early 1970s.Tribulus Terrestris Sport Edition is a herb from Ayurveda that is mostly recommended for male health including virility and vitality, and specifically more catered towards cardiovascular and urogenital health. It is a common supplement for its libido enhancing properties and supposed testosterone boosting properties.

On the sexual side of things - Tribulus does appear to be a relatively reliable and potent libido enhancer in rats and the lone human study assessing this has confirmed an increase in sexual well being and erectile function. While it is not exactly known how tribulus works, it is known to enhance androgen receptor density in the brain which may enhance the libido enhancing properties of androgens. Tribulus terrestris has been used for centuries in ancient Greece, India and Africa as a natural alternative to steroids, antibiotics and even as a natural libido enhancer. Recent scientific studies indicate that, although it actually contains no hormones, Tribulus helps to support healthy hormone production and male reproductive health. Originally used by russian powerlifters, Tribulus is now used by athletes and bodybuilders around the world

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