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  • Pure Olive Leaf Extract Capsules - Recognized as being a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-aging herb. This potent vitamin contains a scientifically formulated immune defense formula for ultimate health and vitality.
  • OLIVE LEAF BENEFITS FOR SKIN HAIR AND NAILS - Oleuropein is a fast acting complex that contains top-rated antioxidants, such as Phenol and Lignan, to prevent premature aging and keep skin young fresh and smooth.
  • 20% OLEUROPEIN OIL - Olive leaf extract capsules contain Oleuropein, a compound that acts as a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal to help you stay healthy & increase immune system function. Our olive leaf supplement has comparable potency to any liquid olive leaf extract on the market.
  • FOR OPTIMAL FAST ACTING RESULTS - Take these alcohol free, high quality, encapsulated olive leaf extract super strength formula with meals, 1 capsule 1-2 times daily. Our Dr. Recommended olive leaf extract with 100% Oleuropein is safe & free of side effects
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - This premium bottle of 60 750mg fast acting pills is produced in a FDA, GMP certified facility.

What is Olive Leaf Extract? Gain all the benefits of this Mediterranean super fruit with this one all-natural supplement. Olive leaf extract is an antioxidant supplement that boosts overall health. It benefits the body in a multitude of ways and increases energy, and even supports memory. Oleuropein acid is an amazing vitality booster that helps keep your immunity up and your cells healthy. This super charge vitamin contains Anti-Aging, Anti-Fungal & Antibacterial properties all in one! What Is Oleuropein Acid? Oleuropein acid is a chemical substance that has proven to be beneficial for conditions such as allergies, psoriasis, fatigue, fungal issues and many more panthogens. Olive leaf actually contains twice the amount of antioxidants as green tea extract. It helps cells to renew and rejuvenate in a healthy and timely manner for ultimate health and vitality. Benefits Of Adding Olive Leaf Extract To Your Supplement Routine –High potency olive leaf extract contains antioxidants Oleuropein and Hydroxytyrosol which both fight DNA cellular damage and help the body in the detoxification process. Some noticeable results of this are increased immune system function, mental clarity, and even smoother skin. Aging and ailments is caused by the breakdown and damage of cells, antioxidant slow that damage so the body remains strong and resilient. Olive Leaf Extract Will Help • Provide Antioxidant Support • Increase Energy • Boost Immune System Function • Protects The Body From Toxins • Enhance Mental Clarity • Improve Hair, Skin, And Nails- Including Acne!

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