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  • FALL ASLEEP + STAY ASLEEP – Potent – pure + Naturally occurring neurohormonal chemical Melatonin affects sleep + wake cycles – REM – regulates blood pressure – suppresses appetite + seasonal moods
  • GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP – Wake rested + get more energy when sleep timing is on schedule – popular for colder darker winter months with less sunlight – popular vitamin for sleep + energy
  • DR RECOMMENDED – Experts + sleep tips recommend Melatonin supplementation to go hand in hand with strategies for deeper sleep + better nighttime health + routine – wake up refreshed + rested
  • VEGETARIAN INGREDIENTS – Our recipe is 100% plant sourced + plant based – best + highest quality products only – organic way to increase + improve sleep quality – easy dissolving veggie tabs
  • BIOAVAILABLE – Easy oral method dietary supplement– melatonin also found as gummies – spray – liquid – sublingual – powder – tea – but bioactive tablets are faster – quickly absorbed + sleep enhancing

Our pure Melatonin supplement is the perfect little addition to your healthy sleep strategy. Gentle, bioavailable, vegetarian and soothing for the nerves, moods, mind and body—Melatonin is one of the most popular and traditional sleep enhancing options. Nothing better than a good night’s sleep! The quality, length and cycling of your sleep all play a huge part in your energy, mental health, focus, strength, appetite, weight and more! When Circadian rhythms are on schedule, your whole body feels good, and systems run better and more effectively. Melatonin is the primary neurohormone responsible for setting off sleep, wake, and other cycles. It’s an important chemical that is naturally occurring but also easy to supplement and balance. Your healthy routine of exercise, diet and supplementation goes perfectly with our gentle 3 mg dose of pure Melatonin. Expect effects in: -Sleep quality -Sleep Amount -Sleep/Wake Cycles -Appetite -Energy -Moods -Seasonal Affectation -More! We offer a 100% guarantee of all our products, and love to hear from our happy customers about how our supplements have changed their lives for the better. Try a bottle of our high-quality, vegetarian Melatonin and let us know how your nights get better and your days get brighter!

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