SHIP BY USPS NEW in USA! BESTSELLER in Germany! Apricot Skin facial patches (MOUTH/EYES))

  • easy to use
  • removes wrinkles while you sleep
  • no chemical agents
  • skin-friendly cotton material, comfortable worn over night
  • one package contains 100 patches

Our facial pads have been developed to mitigate facial wrinkles around your mouth and eyes and to prevent new wrinkles. By keeping the facial muscles on your face relaxed, your face will appear more youthful and fresh, the wrinkle depth of existing facial wrinkles will be reduced, and the special nature of our facial pads will stimulate cell renewal. Our facial pads are made of a very skin-friendly cotton material and have an air-permeable and water-resistant acrylic adhesive whose anti-allergic properties have been perfectly adapted to the needs of facial skin. The special, wavy coated skin adhesive works together with the way the facial pads stretch and flex-which is also similar to facial skin elasticity-to greatly improve skin circulation. The skin circulation stimulates skin cell renewal and relaxes the muscles in the face. Please note that due to the facial pads' circulation-promoting property that you may feel a slight tingling sensation even hours after application. This effect usually subsides after a few applications. Our facial pads contain no chemical agents and they act on the skin from a purely physics standpoint. The package contains 100 patches! Also try our other facial patches for wrinkles on your forehead and between your eyes!

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