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  • Stabilized Orthosilicic Acid Liquid: Activated Silicon® formula
  • Better Absorption Than Other Forms Si*: Compared to colloidal & horsetail silicas
  • 8,000 Parts/Million Silicon Concentration
  • Neutral Taste & Odor

Size:1 Fluid Ounce

Product Profile

JarroSil is a vegan activated silicon formula, containing stabilized molecular clusters of silicic acid. This stabilized silicic acid formula is concentrated at 8,000 parts per million. That’s 160 times more concentrated than is theoretically possible in a water solution, which is up to 50 ppm. Stabilized silicic acid molecular clusters are the key to JarroSil. They quickly and easily form ortho- (i. e. mono-) and disilicic acid in the stomach, the form of silicon the body uses. JarroSil also contains boron, another important mineral for bone and collagen health, to enhance the metabolism of silicon. JarroSil supports bone health and collagen production; it can also help strengthen and beautify hair, skin, and nails.*

The Essential Nature Of Silicon

Silicon is virtually everywhere in nature. Next to oxygen, it is the second most abundant element in the biosphere, comprising 26% of the earth’s crust. Our bodies contain about 1 gram of silicon.* Studies at UCLA and other research institutions have found that silicon is an essential element required for the normal growth, development, and integrity of bones, joints, and connective tissue.* It is also critical for healthy hair, skin, nails, arteries, and cartilage.* Every part of the body that requires strength and elasticity requires silicon.* Specifically, silicon is associated with collagen formation, the fibrous protein matrix which provides support for body structures such as cartilage and bones. This is why, in addition to calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals, silicon plays an important role in optimal bone health.* Inadequate silicon intake has also been associated with weak, brittle nails.* Our bodies process silicon inefficiently and this ability diminishes further as we age. This is why JarroSil supplementation is important to ensure healthy bones, hair, and nails.*

JarroSil Contains Activated Silicon

The bioavailable form of silicon is monomeric (single unit) silicic acid [Si(OH)4], sometimes referred to as orthosilicic acid or monosilicic acid. Silica [SiO2] is silicon dioxide and is not readily bioavailable. Silica is also the most common component of sand. Silicon is found in food (and horsetail) as silicates, which are likewise not bioavailable. All dietary silicon must be converted in the stomach into monomeric silicic acid for it to be absorbed and used by the body. JarroSil dissolves quickly and easily in liquids across a wide pH range, making JarroSil a superior source of silico.*

Distinguishing Features:

  • JarroSil is a stabilized, liquid silicic acid formula that converts to orthosilicic acid when mixed with water or other beverages
  • Orthosilicic acid is the preferred form of silicon for utilization by the body and is much easier to assimilate than colloidal or horsetail silicas*
  • JarroSil has a neutral taste, which may be important for many consumers
JarroSil And Bones*

Silicon plays a very important role in bone calcification, especially during the growth of new bones.* The cells that make bones (osteoblasts) begin the process by constructing a connective tissue matrix. When this is done, the osteoblasts switch their function and begin to fill in this matrix with minerals. This process requires silicon.* In a recent study using a rat model of osteoporosis, supplementation with water-soluble silicon significantly increased femoral and tibial bone density. This study also found that water-soluble silicon supplementation led to reduced urinary excretion of calcium and phosphorous, which indicates a decreased amount of bone being broken down. Although this study focused on short-term, high dose silicon, the prolonged, low-dose, water soluble silicon may have the same effect.*

JarroSil And Skin*

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, contributing up to 15-20% of our body weight. Skin is composed of a large amount of connective tissues. Bioavailable silicon was shown to increase collagen concentration up to 12.5% in the dermis of the skin of calves. Silicon is crucial for activating the hydroxylation enzymes involved in cross-linking collagen, which improves the strength and elasticity of this fibrous protein. Stronger collagen means healthier, more elastic skin, and fewer and shallower wrinkles.*

JarroSil For Hair And Nails*

The outer shaft of hair is intended to be very strong, essentially as strong as any fiber. This outer shaft of hair, that also provides elasticity and strength, is rich in silicon. Adequate silicon can help hair grow thicker and stronger.* The predominant minerals in nails are calcium, silicon, and sulfur. A sign that silicon may be systemically deficient is nails that are brittle or soft.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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