SHIP BY USPS: Iso-Rich Soy, For Cardiovascular Health, Bone and Joint Health, and Estrogen Balance, 14 OZ

  • May be beneficial for cardiovascular function, menopausal support and bone health
  • 100% natural
  • Use iso-rich soy as a dietary supplement to increase your intake of protein, isoflavones and IP6

Size:14 Oz

Jarrow FORMULAS iso-rich soy contains water-extracted non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) soy protein isolate. Consistent isoflavone level. Each serving guarantees a minimum of 56 mg of naturally occurring is flavones consisting of genistin/genistein, daidzin/daidzein and glycitin/glycitein. The isoflavone level in Iso-Rich Soy reflects the daily dietary intake of isoflavones in Asian countries such as Japan. Water extraction of soy protein preserves naturally occurring isoflavones, saponins and IP6 (Inositol Hex phosphate). IP6 (Inositol Hex phosphate) supports cellular development and immunity including enhancing Natural Killer (NK) cell function. IP6 also supports cardiovascular health by binding free iron.

Type: Unknown Type

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