SHIP BY USPS: Himalaya Organic Shatavari for Menstrual Regulation and Hormonal Balance, 1,300 mg, 1...

  • Shatavari is Indian Ayurveda┐s most famous herb for women
  • Supports a normal female reproductive system
  • Supports normal hormone utilization and hormone blood levels
  • Clean, green growing ┐ no pesticides from seed-to-shelf
  • 100% vegetarian Vcaps

Shatavari is a highly valued herb used as a female tonic. Shatavari contains steroidal-like saponins to support the role of estrogen and progesterone in the body, both necessary hormones for normal reproductive health. Shatavari also supports balance in the endocrine system, which is involved in the production of hormones that play a role in stress-response, mood, and normal adrenal and thyroid function. For women of all ages, Shatavari is nature's first choice.

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