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  • SUPERCHARGE YOUR METABOLISM with nature’s most POWERFUL AMPK ACTIVATOR - Gynostemma pentaphyllum, called Jiao Gu Lan in Chinese, is scientifically proven the best AMPK Activator supplement, even more powerful than berberine or quercetin pills. AMPK activation is key to HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS. Gynostemma is also a POTENT ANTIOXIDANT SUPPLMENT. Herbalists consider it the KING OF NATURAL ADAPTOGENS. You’ll have more stamina and gravitate toward healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM – Gynostemma is often called SOUTHERN GINSENG, because it provides many of the same health benefits of ginseng. But, scientists were shocked to discover it actually has 127 different saponins & gypenosides, that’s 7X the power of regular ginseng. Our jiaogulan veggy capsules also stimulate increased SOD production, your body’s own powerful antioxidant. Higher SOD production is crucial for your body to generate new mitochondria*
  • NATURE’S MOST REVERED LONGEVITY HERB – The locals who grow jiaogulan actually call it the herb of immortality. They’ve known for centuries the anti-aging effects of jiaogulan leaf, aka gynostemma. Modern research backs up these claims showing that gynostemma is the best natural vasodilator, promoting blood flow and improved oxygen delivery. Recent research also recoemmends it as a powerful weight loss supplements powder.*
  • THE BENEFITS ARE IN THE WHOLE LEAF! - Thousands of years of Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern science agree, whole herbs provide more effective health benefits. Our bodies need the synergistic effects of full spectrum herbs. Pharmaceuticals and extracts are manufactured with chemistry, are less effective and can be downright dangerous. Our gynostemma capsules are pure gynostemma leaf powder, natures most effectiev antioxidant supplement.
  • OUR NAME MEANS GYNOSTEMMA – We founded Immortalitea in 2004 to introduce Gynostemma to the world. We grow our caffeine-free whole leaf gynostemma 100% chemical and pesticide-free on small farms in the highlands of Thailand. We powder and capsulate the loose leaf in an FDA registered facility that is GMP certified. We standby all of our products with our peace of mind guarantee. If you are unsatisfied, for any reason, within 60 days of purchase, we’ll refund your purchase in full.


Following the first Chinese nationwide census, demographers noted an unusually large number of people over age 100 in two Southern provinces.  
After years of study the researchers discovered the locals had been keeping a secret. Instead of regular green tea, the locals drank an herbal tea they called, "the immortality herb." Today in China it is called "Jiaogulan" and in the West, we call it, "Gynostemma."

Since then over 5,660 scientific studies prove the amazing longevity benefits of jiaogulan. No other herb or prescription drug does so much.



  • Improve your circulation to sleep like a baby and start your day with so much energy your grandkids can’t keep up with you, even if previously you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in years. (You may even find that sleeps not the only thing in the bedroom that’s improved.)
  •  Stop forgetting where you parked your car and feel the brain fog finally lift.
  • Power through cold and flu season without a care in the world.
  • Boost your metabolic master control enzyme (AMPK) and drop that extra 20 lbs you’ve been dragging around for years.
  • Lower cholesterol, help control your blood sugar, reduce inflammation… the list of scientifically proven health benefits continues to grow.

It all adds up to living healthier, longer.


I founded our family-run business in 2004 to introduce jiaogulan to the world. Our company name, "Immortalitea" has become synonymous with "jiaogulan." Since then,  other companies have "discovered" jiaogulan but I'm confidant ours remains the best in the world. Here's why.

  • Our jiaogulan is grown sustainably on small farms. We work directly with farmers to make sure our jiaogulan is grown according strict organic, chemical-free standards. Our teas isn't grown by some anonymous corporate supplier. It's grown by friends we've known for years.
  • Our jiaogulan is high-mountain jiaogulan from some of the purest soil in the world. We grow on raised trellises to eliminate the need for chemical pesticides and maintain purity.
  • Our business is family-run by real people you can trust. We're here to answer any questions you might have about jiaogulan and we know what we're talking about. My goal, and the goal of every member of our team, is to ensure you become a another happy customer who buys from us for years to come.

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