SHIP BY USPS: Doctor Strange Amulet Eye Of Agamotto Necklace. Ideal Gift Idea

  • ► This Eye of Agamotto pendant looks exactly the same one which Doctor Strange used to manipulate time against Dormammu to bargain!Nicely crafted and heavy weight. Will be great for cosplay.Good quality and looks like the one in the movie.
  • ► Top notch quality of alloy material has been picked for making it collection highly durable.Nice finish and looks good. Top quality Leather chain has been used and it is long enough that can be fit to everyone neck.
  • ► This special Dr strange Amulet necklace featuring the exact detail and look as it is coming straight from Kamar-taj. Good quality and looks like the one in the movie!
  • ► This Doctor Strange Necklace Soft and Light weight quality of leather cord with lobster clasp fastening closure for comfortable wear. It looks great with your Dr Strange outfit!nice fit and has the right amount of weight to it.

Set your rules in the world of fashion and amaze all the masses around you by attiring this colorful and attractive necklace. This Dr strange Amulet has been inspired from the famous character which can be used as necklet also. This Eye of Agamotto necklace is a very important relic that can be quite dangerous if used in the wrong hands, because it has the ability to do any number of things, the most dangerous thing about this is, it can sort of manipulate probabilities which are the part of doctor strange story. All those cosplayers who are seeking for an inspirational necklace with the exact look, then this are what you need. We have created its copy by using top notch material to provide you nothing, but the exact thing so that you can wear it any Halloween party to compliment your personality. This eye-catching necklace is designed very creatively and artistically by our master designers.

✔ The strap of this elegant doctor strange merchandise has been crafted using the premiere quality of leather to offer you high durability and long lasting for years.
✔ Our professional designers have created this Screen Accurate necklace just to offer you exact thing which you are looking for, you can also use this beautiful necklace as an display item.
✔ It has been built using high quality of alloy material to provide richness and lavishness to your necklace.
Uses and Benefit
✔ You can wear this nicely constructed Eye of Agamotto time stone necklace to any of your gatherings to make your impression very impressive at very first glance.
✔ If you are cosplaying doctor character than you can carry this eye of Agamotto pendant to Halloween party for more striking look.

Our Quality
✔ Our specialist's craftsmen have used top quality of alloy to make you feel comfortable.

  • ASIN: B0734XRSXD

Type: Unknown Type

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