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  • CLA FAT BURNER – Softgel that really works - lowers body fat percentage using heat + naturally occurring good fat – 28 isomers + potent antioxidants blast belly bulge in men and women
  • POWER OF SAFFLOWER OIL – plant complex from conjugated linoleic acid is full of natural fatty acids that induce weight loss + appetite suppression + higher metabolism + energy boost
  • COMBINE WITH EXERCISE – for extra efficacy + potency + more lean muscle mass + better bodybuilding results – can lower BMI – body mass index with cis fatty oils that lower body fat melting point
  • HEART HEALTHY – more benefits than adipose tissue loss + increase of lean tissue – lowers blood pressure – strengthens heart – increases bone density + immunity – stabilizes insulin levels + improves lung health
  • DOCTOR RECOMMENDED – Called magic + miracle in a bottle by drs and experts – our softgels contain complex of oleic + linoleic + palmitic + stearic acid – cis fatty acids metabolize adipose stores

Melt fat, shrink adipose cells, increase muscle mass and boost your energy with the power of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) derived from pure Safflower Oil. Opti Naturals’ softgel contain only the highest quality CLA extracted from nature. Doctors and experts tout CLA as a “magic miracle in a bottle” due the powerful ability of CLA to metabolize your adipose stores naturally. CLA is also found in meat and dairy foods and has been shown to lower body fat percentage and increase lean muscle tissue in humans. Body fat melt temperature is lowered by special cis fatty acids contained in CLA. The Opti Natural CLA complex contains: 780 mg conjugated linoleic acid 150 mg oleic acid 30 mg palmitic acid 30 mg stearic acid 10 mg linoleic acid This powerful combination can also lower blood pressure, stabilize insulin, lower cholesterol, improve heart, lung and bone health and offer breathing support and an immunity boost. CLA works alone but its effects are compounded when used in conjunction with exercise, weight lifting and a nutritious diet. Our pills are easy to take, without the aftertaste of powders, liquids and syrups. Add CLA to your healthy life today and see fat deposits melt away quickly and easily. We guarantee 100% satisfaction on this powerful plat-based fatty acid complex!

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