SHIP BY USPS: Blue ellipse donut shape ocean mystery beach amulet recycled sea glass mermaid tear beautiful cobalt blue handmade pendant necklace, aqua unisex jewelry on a waxed cotton 20 inch cord talisman mascot


A beautiful 20 inch necklace with man made blue small ellipse donut shape sea glass pendant. The sea glass looks different in each time of the day. When you wear this necklace, you carry the mystery of the ocean with you wherever you go. The process of making this stone imitates the erosion of the glass by the waves and the sand during decades, and you get the same enigmatic effect of the deep blue ocean. The sea glass is very special to touch and look at. It has the magic look and feel and atmosphere of the marine life to complete the look of your new piece of jewelry. You can adjust the necklace to your ring, earrings, shirt and coat. The package is very simple so I can keep the price low.

Type: Unknown Type

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