SHIP BY USPS: Amazing Formulas Red Clover 180 capsules Dietary Supplement with 430mg Red Clover Blossoms Herb Extract for Relief from...

  • IMPORTANT VITAL NUTRIENT Clover is a low growing perennial, native to northwest Africa, Asia, and Europe. Red clover is considered to be one of the richest sources of isoflavones, which are water-soluble chemicals that act like estrogens (known as phytoestrogens)
  • SUPPORT FOR WOMEN'S HEALTH Red clover is commonly used for to ease menopause symptoms like hot flashes, discomfort etc. it also help to promote breast health, support a positive mood and ease PMS symptoms
  • OPTIMAL DOSE One capsule of Amazing Nutrition red clover supplement provides the 430mg dose most commonly recommended for menopause support
  • BEST QUALITY SUPPLEMENT Our red clover capsules are free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives and are made in the USA at a GMP certified facility
  • PERFECT FOR YOUR HEALTHY DIET Our red clover herb supplement is free of gluten, milk and other ingredients that can trigger dietary sensitivities

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