SHIP BY USPS 3 Bottle Pack Organic Saw Palmetto 100 Vegetarian Capsules 575mg Natural Benefits for Prostate...

  •  Pure and potent solution for frequent urination
  • Plant sterols that fight hair loss and testosterone depletion for increased vigor in body building
  • Well known for supporting breast health and enhancement and increasing libido and sexual desire
  • Greenbush Saw Palmetto has no additives or fillers giving you a pure and potent form of the herb
  • The perfect choice for getting started on a healthier lifestyle today

Saw palmetto is a common plant in the southeastern U.S. and its berries have been used for centuries by native American cultures both as food and as medicine. The first uses of the berries were as a nutritive tonic to improve strength and energy, sexual vitality and youthful vigor. The berries contain fatty acids and sterols that interact with human hormones in a variety of ways, most particularly in preventing the conversion of testosterone into DHT resulting in its use for treating prostate enlargement and baldness. Saw palmetto is now best known for its ability to promote prostate health and sexual vigor, but was widely used in the past for breast health and enhancement in women. This was most recently noted in the book "The Green Pharmacy" by Dr. James Duke. Saw palmetto is perfect for men experiencing frequent urination which is common in men over forty. Recommended Uses: Baldness and hair loss, breast enhancement, digestion, energy and body building, erection problems, inhibited sexual desire, prostate enlargement, thyroid and urinary tract health. Saw palmetto, a commonly eaten food, has been found safe and non-toxic, even in very high doses, in a wide variety of studies. There are no known drug interactions.

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