Professional Dual Wireless Microphone System Cordless Handheld Mic Kareoke hines KTV Home Party Supplies Speakers Gifts

package included:
2x handheld microphonesbattery not included
1x receiver
1x 1/4 ''connecting cable
1x power adapter
1x english er manual

you are looking at a dual channel wireless microphone will bring you into a world where you can sing happily and help you take off tireness and stress,feel freely immediately!jt at home,you can have fun with your family and friends together!

1. professional and intelligent dual wireless microphone system,es the vhf 220-270 mhz segment,avoid the interference frequency
2. with dual volume controls and dual rf indicators
3. ideal for professional e at any events: karaoke, sound source recording and amplifying, vocal concerts, live-performances, conference, mical and opera, church, school, hall, family, party, etc...
4. distance 150 meter,open and spacio ideal age distance 100 meter

1.consume power:3w
2.signal/noise ratio:>80db
3.image&spurio rejection>70db
4.border upon channel rejection:>70db
5.s/n:less than 12dbusind=20db
7.power supply: ac 110v~220v.±10% 50hz
8.dimensions: 190l x 140w x 36hmm

1.rf power output:15mwmax
2.spurio emissions: over 45dbcarrier ware.
3.microphone element: unidirctional dynamic microphone.
4.battery: two standard aa battery for each not included!!!
5.current consumption: about 25ma.
6.battery life: over 8 hours continuo operation.
7.dimensions: 51d x 243lmm

overall system:
1.carrier frequency rage: vhf 220-270mhz
2.frequency stability:<20ppm
3.dynamic range:more than 80db
4.maximum deviation range:±25khz
5.frequency response:40hz-18khz3db output level:0~±400mv mix out 0~±200mv
7.t.h.d at 1khz: ≤0.5%
8.service areas:150 meters.
9.temperature range: -10℃~50℃
10.length of connecting cable: 1.0m
11.manipulate range:radio 200
12.length of adapter cable:1.1m
13.adapter plug type:eu/ noted:please leave a message for telling what type of adapter you want,we will also send you a free adapter that suits to your country