PINOPRIDE Battery Powered Solar Charger - Cell Phone Charger Outdoor Portable Solar Power Outlet - 15000mAh Power Bank - Mobile USB Device for Iphone Sumsung Integrated AC DC Solar Panel Charging

You get free solar charging; it is power bank with integrated primary ac/dc charging and secondary/auxillery free solar with a certified small monocrystalline panel to ensure you enjoy a quality, professional experience. So you have soothing hours of phone calling or surfing on your digital.
From the moment you sit-up outdoor you'll feel deep sens after your calling or surfing on your digital which needs a lot of power. You produce energy with zero emisions for better nature in future.
You will feel proud of yourself for doing something positive for yourself and for our right climate changes.
Which is something you deserve anyway, right?

Alone solar panel is not stable for daily use. It's unconfortable. It is to slow.
If you try a full 100% solar power in one day then it is not for you. Find other option.

BUT, If you understand solar energy production, which is slowly, continuously, free, then you will give the right quantity in the period of 365 days. If it is integrated with the daily ac/dc charging you will win a new zero emission stable concept of double free energy quantity and comfortable daily use every day in whole year without any additional cost for you.
It is 100% positive, real for creating better, safe and easy life.

- 100% 30 days money back guaranty; 100% customer service satisfaction, lifetime technical support and product warranty
- 3 x USB outputs; ports 5V/2.1A
- LED indicators to show power status or solar charging
- Automatic identification and security protection system
- 3 types of led lights; ON-> double click: normal, low and safety blinking; OFF-> double click

  • OPTIMAL CONCEPT WITH INTEGRATED SOLAR CHARGING AUXILIARY FUNCTION; equipped with a compact smart monocrystalline waterproof panel 1.85W/500mA, which keep charging your device and the battery itself free via sunlight for emergency purpose, perfect for outdoor, long flights, road trips
  • WEEKLONG MASSIVE 15000mAh Outdoor Portable Powered CHARGER POWER BANK; Main daily AC/DC charging; Auxiliary Free Solar charging to KEEP CHARGING your device for a long time; Charge your iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 6s, Galaxy S7, an iPad Mini, camera or bluetooth, more times with a large capacity.
  • HIGHEST CHARGE OUTPUT through 3 USB Ports 5V/2.1A, 1 x Input 5V/1.5A; allows for simultaneous fast charging of your iPad, iPhone, android, and more at high speed.
  • SAFETY PROTECTION and AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION; ultra reliable battery cell to provide excellent charging service over 800 charge life cycles and to avoid over-current, over-voltage, over-load, etc.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE; 1 year free replacement warranty and LIFETIME MANUFACTURE TECHNICAL SUPPORT for purchase via PINOPRIDE brand.

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