Personal Safety Alarm, JDDZ 140 db Safe Siren Song Emergency Self Defense Protection Device Anti-Rape / Anti-Theft Security With Mini LED Flashlight for Women, Kids and Elderly etc.(Silver)


  • ♥  140 DB SUPER ALARM: Scare  attacker away .easily draw attention to such a super alarm even in a far distance. Best choices for single women walking in dangerous situation, no need to cry for help. 
  • ♥  LED FLASHLIGHT: When you walking in darkness. High quality battery, automatic power-saving features, which you can use many times. For a quick illumination as you walk through dark path or find key holes
  • ♥  Durable: Material upgrade. More resistant to fall off. Even if attacker threw it on the ground, alarm will be still strong voice to protect you, to avoid the bad guys hurt you
  • ♥ TINY & HUMANITY DESIGN- the attackers or intruders could hardly pay attention to such a tiny and cool hanging when you hang it on your bag or wallet, instant use
  • ♥  USE WIDELY: Convenient design makes a group feel Relieved. suit for students, joggers, kids, women, elderly, children and any other ones who may feel more safe for themselves


Will you worried about yourself, friends or families meeting bad guys when walking outsides lonely at night?

Did you want to have one emergency Self Defense Device to draw attention quickly for help when you’re in dangerous situation?

JDDZ Personal Alarm is the best device for self-defense!!!

WHY CHOOSE JDDZ Personal Alarm?

With Loud Siren Song up to 140 db can be heard up to nearly 300 ft away., it is easy to draw attention for other people to help you quickly.

Easy to use, pull off the hand strap to activate alarm, Insert the plug back to turn off the noise alarm.

JDDZ Personal loud alarm is mini enough to fits small compartments. Usually you can attach it to your bag, keychain or purse as a ornament, but it can help you when you’re in danger.

The self defense alarm with small LED light, it can help you find the keyhole or little things at night. It is really very convenience

The personal alarm attack have new design with the activation pins, when you in an emergency, it is easy to pull out th activate alarm for help.


VOL: 140 DB

Color: Silver

Size: 62 * 42 * 25 mm


1. The alarm sound is very loud, please do not put by your ears.
2. The alarm is reused. When the sound goes low, please remove screws from back cover and replace new batteries.

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