[Pack of 2] Viva Naturals Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder [3 oz] - Japanese Ceremonial Grade for Lattes, Smoothies and Baked Goods


  • [Pack of 2 x 3 oz]

  • Premium Ceremonial Grade - Our ceremonial grade matcha represents the true essence of green tea. Traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies, the flavor, color, texture and aroma of culinary matcha just doesn’t compare. Taste and feel the difference!
  • Culinary & Beauty Essential - From gourmet food to skin food, the uses of matcha are practically endless. Whether it’s whipping up a hot cup of tea or making your own beauty mask, reap the benefits of matcha from the outside in or inside out!
  • Shade Dried Green Tea Leaves - Our green tea leaves are hand harvested and shade dried, a traditional method used for preserving antioxidants, mood balancing compounds and the very best flavor.
  • Premium Violet Glass Packaging - Our unique packaging offers optimal protection for matcha against the harmful effects of light and oxidation. By blocking the entry of visible light, your matcha stays fresher, longer!
  • Purity & Safety Guaranteed - Our matcha is tested at various stages from harvest to production to monitor safety and quality. Certified organic and third-party tested for heavy metals and radiation, impurity-free is guaranteed!

Sip, savor and enjoy the crisp, creamy and full-bodied flavor of Viva Naturals Organic Matcha, followed by a lingering sweetness that ordinary matcha powders simply can’t deliver!

Promotes Happy Mood - Our matcha is full of nutrients that boost our body’s happy hormone, serotonin, including L-theanine, an essential amino acid that balances the effects of caffeine. Use matcha as a coffee alternative to get a kick out of your morning without the jitters.

Trim Your Waistline Naturally - Matcha offers two times the action when it comes to managing belly bulge by boosting metabolism and burning fat. As a natural source of EGCG, a powerful antioxidant, matcha helps to curb cravings and increase energy expenditure all day long!

The Viva Naturals Difference
Our matcha powder represents authentic Japanese matcha, commonly known as “tencha”. Tencha green tea leaves are shade covered to protect them from light, helping to develop their bright green color, amino acids, chlorophyll, antioxidants and valuable nutrients. Unlike “sencha” green tea, tencha qualifies as true matcha, recognized for its clean taste and pleasantly sweet flavor. Sencha is grown in sunlight and is made from ground stems and buds— the leaf components deemed to be inferior and bitter in taste. Certified organic and third-party tested with every batch, our incredible mouthfeel, aroma and flavor is beyond compare— you’ve really met your matcha!

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