[Pack of 2] Pure Body Naturals Age Defying Eye Gel 1.7 fl oz each


  • [Pack of 2 Jars x 1.7 fl oz]

  • Contains 1 - 1.7 Ounce jar of Eye Gel treatment for dark circles under the eye, puffiness, wrinkles and bags
  • Naturally formulated to treat the delicate skin around and under your eyes
  • Contains Resisted Stem Cell Technologies, an anti-aging "bodyguard" for your skin
  • Eye gel or eye cream? Eye gels are often ideal for younger skin, as has a lighter texture than eye creams, and works well for oily skin. Eye gels also provide a cooling effect on the skin that relieves puffiness and bags under the eyes
  • Dab around and under the eye, forehead and cheek areas. Can be used morning and night, and also as an under makeup moisturizer

Are You Sick of Dark Circles, Puffiness, & Tired Looking Eyes? Try Our Total Repair Eye Gel for Brighter, Happier Eyes! Feel this eye gel go to work from the moment you put it on. A dab of this soothing eye gel instantly awakens and tightens skin around the eyes leaving you feeling refreshed. This potent blend of boosting, skin firming, and wrinkle repairing ingredients leaves eyes looking more youthful and radiant. Rebuilds skin on a cellular level to reveal fresher, healthier looking skin.

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