[Pack of 10] Emergency Blanket Mylar Survival Blanket 82" X 62" Two-Sided Extra Large – Moisture Proof and 90% Heat Retention Foil Space Solar Emergency Thermal Blanket Pack of 10


  • ☀[LIFE SAVIOR EMERGENCY BLANKET]This emergency survival thermal blanket can be a life savior especially in cases of hypothermia. It is especially designed for warming, with outward gold side to absorb maximum heat and inward silver side to reflect body heat. The double mode can retain up to 90% of body heat. After an accident, during rescue, natural hazards caused by heavy snowing or heavy rains, it can be wrapped around the victim and sharp body temperature drop can be avoided.
  • ☀[MADE FOR SPORTS PERSONS OR MOUNTAINEERS]This tough foil space solar emergency blanket is moisture proof, wind proof, tear resistant and very light which explorers and mountaineers can always carry. It is perfect for outdoor activities like camping, boating, hunting, hiking or trekking. It can be used as stretcher, ground cover or as sun shade.
  • ☀[PERFECT SIZE AND WEIGHT]This emergency blanket, size is 210 cm * 160 cm (83 inches * 63 inches) which is enough to cover a large man. It can be lined inside a sleeping bag for excellent warming. It weighs just 60 grams which makes it super easy to carry around. Perfect for your backpacks, cars, and emergency kit!
  • ☀[MULTI PURPOSE]This emergency survival space blanket can find it's use almost everywhere. It can be used to cover the wind shields and reduce your car absorption of heat, when parked under the sun. You can use it to cover your machines, big tools, vehicles, etc. lying outside in lawn during rains. If unnecessary weeds are growing in your garden, this mylar emergency blanket is the answer. It can also be used to cover ground.
  • ☀[100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE]If for any reason you are unhappy with any product by us, please do not hesitate to contact us. We take full ownership and responsibility for the quality of our products and will do our very best to solve your problem quickly and efficiently!

Condition: new
Color: Gold & Silver
Unfolded size: 2.1*1.6m
Folded size:10.5*8.cm

Package included:10 x Emergency Blanket

Emergency blanket is one of the most innovative and useful invention in recent times. This survival/emergency blanket is a must for your safety kit, sports kit and emergency kit. And if you think you are not a sports person or part of any rescue team, then also it you must have it as it offers life saving advantages. If your car breaks down and you have no other option except spending the night in car, then this warming blanket will definitely make your night comfortable. If you plan outdoor plans or picnic with your family, then you should carry it. So buy this amazing warming, windproof, moisture proof, tough, light weight and affordable emergency blanket today only because it will definitively find its way to help you.

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