Ovente Kitchen MS2090 Drink Mixer, 15 oz, Red


  • Easy to use - combine ice cream, milk and your favorite sweets in the stainless steel mixing cup, press the release button to lower the spindle until it clicks, press a speed button to mix, and voila!
  • Quick & powerful - 100-watts make it more powerful and efficient than the leading competitor. You can go from mixing ingredients to drinking a cold, creamy milkshake in less than 2 minutes!
  • Duo-speed capability - this 15 oz mixer features 2 different speed settings to accommodate all ingredients. Low is used for blending, while high is for more intense mixing (hard ingredients)
  • Soda Fountain style - its stylish, retro-designed body with chrome accents takes you back to dates at diners with roller-skating servers, sharing a milkshake as the cherry on top of a perfect evening
  • Easy to clean - fill the stainless steel cup with soapy water, lower spindle, set to low, let spin for 10+ Sec, turn off, remove cup, then wipe Dry. Hand wash the mixing cup or place inside dishwasher


LIVE THE AMERICAN DREAM. Satisfy your milkshake craving in the comfort of your own home-anytime! Great for entertaining guests, the Ovente MS2090 Milkshake Mixer is the perfect way to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth. Say goodbye to long lines at diners, drive-thrus, or ice cream parlors! Powered bv 100-Watts, it's quick and efficient enough to mix most custom milkshakes in less than 2 minutes. Create a milkshake combination that's as unique as you are. With Ovente's MS2090 Milkshake Drink Mixer, you can get creative and mix your favorite ice cream, coffee, chocolate, candy, cereal, fruits, nuts, and malts together to invent a milkshake that completely indulges your own personal taste buds. With your imagination and some fresh, tasty ingredients, the combinations are endless! With its 100-Watt power and durable, heavy-duty plastic housing with stainless steel and chrome accents, this retro-style milkshake maker will hold up-milkshake after milkshake-so you can make your custom shakes over and over again. You're also not limited to just milkshakes; with this classic appliance, you can also make protein shakes, cocktails, health drinks, puddings, and fluffy batters. You can also use it to froth milk and beat eggs for baked goods or omelets!.

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