Magic Mill Food Dehydrator with Five Tray Drying System – BPA Free Food Safe Plastic Material - Adjustable Digital Temperature Settings – For Beef Jerky, Fruits and More


  • πŸ‘ MAKE DELICIOUS AND HEALTHY SNACKS - When going backpacking and need food that wont spoil. Try dehydrating food from Mother Nature to feel well-nourished and healthy on the trail. Instead of buying chemically processed foods try dehydration at home to make healthy snacks for the whole family.
  • πŸ‘ ADJUSTABLE DIGITAL TEMPERATURE SETTINGS – The accurate temperature setting allows you to dry out different types of food to perfection. Banana chips, apple chips, jerky, dehydrated vegetable and even your own homemade dried soup mixes. Crisp and dry anything to total perfection.
  • πŸ‘ 5 TRAYS FOR LOTS OF DIFFERENT FOODS – The five trays unit allows you to make as much dried fruit, preserves, jerky or dried vegetables as you like all in one shot. This is especially useful if you buy a ton of very ripe fruit at the end of the season and want to preserve it before it spoils. It also saves on storage space in your pantry.
  • πŸ‘ SAFE & AUTO SHUT OFF TO PREVENT OVERHEATING – The dehydrating machine comes with an auto shut off in case the machine overheats. It is also BPA free, so you can be confident that you’re receiving safe and high-quality appliances. Magic Mill offers a full 1-year warranty.

Color:White round 5 trays

Magic Mill dehydrator with 5 stackable containers is the perfect solution to making lots of dried food in bulk.
Perfect for snacking, backpacking trips and healthy food for your family!

Dehydrating food will preserve and enhance naturals flavors.
Drying out fruit or making natural fruit roll ups means you’ll have sweet, satisfying and healthy snacks for when you get a sugar craving.
Making dried herbs, spices, savory jerky or even dried soup mix can all be prepared inside the food dehydrating machine.

Instead of buying expensive vacuum-packed food or instant noodles that are full of chemicals
you can dehydrate beans, meat and starches to make your own healthy version of trail food.
Dehydrated food is also the most lightweight and nutritious food you can take with on any outdoor adventures.

β˜… Multi-function Dehydrator- Beef jerky, fruit leather, yogurt, pet food, potpourri and anything else you can think of.
β˜… Adjustable Digital Temperature- Adjust the temperature from 105Β°F to 158Β°F, dry out different foods.
Program for up to 19/5 hours.
β˜… Constant Airflow– The bottom mounted fan provides constant airflow so no need to rotate..
β˜… 5 Stackable Containers- Save money and end food waste by dehydrating food in bulk.
β˜… Easy to Clean- Trays are fully dishwasher safe.
β˜… Auto Safety Shut Off-The device will turn off automatically when if the dehydration gets over heated.
β˜… BPA Free – Made with food safe materials for a healthy meal
β˜… 1 Year Warranty – We want you to be 100% satisfied, just contact us if you have any issue.

TIPS: Use a sheet of parchment paper to spread over the tray. Spread your fruit leather, peas, or bark over the paper.
Once it’s dried out it will be easy to remove and store.

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