Invisible Strapless Gel Push-Up Bra. You'll never know it's there.

Condition: Brand New.
Material: Fabric Nylon & spandex, High-quality silicone.
Advantages: Invisible, Push-Up breast effect, Adhesive Stick on Gel,
Occasion:It is suitable for weddings, parties, evening dresses.
Adopt harmless Environmental protection hot-melt medical biological glue, ensuring the safety and health.
Biological glue has strong viscosity and prevent dropping,a good choice for swimming.
Special design of drawstring which could be loose and tight, make your chest more gather together.
Firstly: Clean your skin before using it, loosen the strap's button, stick the bra on your skin, try to stick to the edge of your chest and push your chest to the middle at the same time.
Secondly: Wearing rope downward direction and 45-degree vertical tilt, (Cups can be more vertical angle in order to make your chest more gather together), tighten the drawstring lightly, cleavage will emerge.
Finally: According to your personal feature and preferences , adjust the drawstring loose and tight as you want.
Push Up Bra--Make your life more wonderful