Emergency Survival Kits with First Aid Kit Medical Bag, 11 in 1 Outdoor Survival Gear Kit with 67 Piece Portable Medical Survival Bag, for Camping Hiking Hunting Biking Climbing Traveling


  • ▶ Portable waterproof kit, inside is everything you need to help you survive: Flint stone, Multi-function scraper, Flashlight, Swiss Card, Portable Mini Light, Compass, Multi-Function Knife, Whistle, Tactical pen, Emergency blanket and Case.
  • ▶ First Aid Kit Medical Bag Contain Gauze, Adhesive bandage, Alcohol pad, Povidone lodine prep pad, Bandage Triangulaire, Tissue tape, Shear, Safety pin, Tourniquet, Tweezers, Applicator, PBT elastoplast.
  • ▶ Portable case size 17 * 10.5 * 5 cm, weighs only 385g. Survival bag size 14 * 20 * 4.5cm, weighs only 100g, easily fit into your backpack and car.
  • ▶ Your husband or brother would find this pretty cool as a stocking stuffer or birthday gift. And also can develop the child's ability to survive with kids hiking and camping kit.
  • ▶ You can use it when you meet any problems outside, like fire, lighting, cutting, writing, identifying direction, etc. Proof of practice, it's necessary when camping, hiking, adventures, survival and in emergency situations.

★Survival tool includes: ★

1 Black waterproof case

2 Compass
Features 360 degree rotating bezel for easy navigation & orientation.

3 Flint stone
For all weather conditions

4 Multi-function scraper

5 Emergency multi-purpose blanket
Keep the body warm.
Can be a reflective rescue signal.
In the rain, it can be used as a poncho, and stretch out to be a shed.
Under direct sunlight, cover the windshield can reduce the heat of the car.

6 Flashlight
With 3 modes, The lighting range can be adjusted.

7 Tactical pen
Could be used to break glass in emergency.

8 Tactical knife
Cutting use.

9 Portable mini light
Strong light of temporary lighting.

10 Whistle
You can find the rescue in emergency.

11 Swiss Card
Can opener, Knife edge, Screwdriver, Ruler, Bottle opener, Butterfly screw wrench, 2 position wrench, Saw blade, Direction auxiliary indication, 4 position wrench, Key chain hole.

★ First Aid Set Package List:★
4 X Alcohol pad
2 X Povidone lodine prep pad
1 X Non wovwn fabric tape
1 X Scissors
1 X Tweezers
25 X Cutton swabs
1 X PBT Bandage
5 X bandage

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