Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain, Self Defense Alarm KeyChain with 120 Decibel for Women,Kids,Girls - Pack of 4


  • TINY AND HUMANITY DESIGN- the attackers or intruders could hardly pay attention to such a tiny and cool hanging when you hang it on your bag or wallet.
  • 120dB LOUD SOUND. The alarm sounds great, people can draw attention even in a far distance. Good for adventurer who is in dangerous situation. The sounds could last 40-60 minutes and the sound will be gradually loud, in addition, it will not hurt your ears
  • This personal alarm keychain is small and portable, can be attached on ladies bag, schoolbag, backpack, belt loops, suitcases, keys, dog Leash. And it can be brought on board a plane, very convenient
  • Emergency Activation.Keep you safe,and To Help Scare Off Attackers or Use in Emergency
  • Four colors: blue, black, purple, pink. Pack of 4.

VOL: 120db
Dimension: 2.4*1.65inch
Battery: 58mAh, 12V
Color: blue, black, purple, pink.

Alarm function:
- Pull out the pin. It will alarm and the sound will be louder and louder. The alarm sound will last 40-60 minutes.
- Insert pin back in to stop sound and use again.
- The pin won't come out very easily
- The alarm sound is loud enough to draw attention for assistance, difficult to ignore

Broad consumer appeal
- A self-defense option for any age. Ideal for children, self-defense, the old, joggers, night owls, lone workers.
- Keychain attaches to ladies bag, schoolbag, backpack, belt loops, suitcases, keys, dog Leash etc. for convenient, instant access plus greater value with batteries included.
- Make you safe when camping, jogging, running, riding, entertaining, etc.

When the alarm sound goes low, please remove screws from back cover and replace new batteries.
This item is not completely waterproof, please not put it in the water and make it in a dry condition as possible.

Type: Unknown Type

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