Earthquake Kit, Emergency Kit, Commuter Kit for Auto, Home or School


6 Pouches of Datrex Water-4.227 oz. Pouches Purified water approved by the U.S.. Coast Guard and Canadian Coast Guard and exceeds their specifications. The pouches can withstand 600 pounds of pressure per square inch Pouches can be frozen and used as "cold packs." Has a five year shelf-life.1 - 2400 Calorie Food Bars - Datrex food bars provide essential energy and nutrition in emergency situations and are an excellent addition to any emergency preparedness supply. These survival food bars taste great and have enough energy to sustain an individual for up to three days. These individually packaged and tabletized rations will last 5 years and are great in 72-hour kits, for your home, school, vehicle or office. 1 Rechargeable Squeeze Flashlight - 1-12 Hour Emergency Light Sticks last for full 12 hours and are made in the USA, 1 Emergency Whistle: During an emergency draw attention to yourself and call for help. More effective then yelling and much louder.1 Emergency Mylar Survival Blanket - Emergency thermal blanket to be used as emergency shelter. 1 -16 Hour Body Warmer:1Emergency Poncho with Hood.1N-95 Mask Particulate Respirator. Keep dust, dirt and bacteria from entering your mouth, nose and lungs. Prevents germs from getting into you respiratory tract. Easy to use. Inner foam provides a custom seal with new and Improved Comfort. Dual head strap for optimum fit. Maintenance Free NIOSH Approved.1Pocket Tissue Packs. May be used for hygiene and sanitary purposes. May be used as toilet paper or use to start a fire. 3-pack BZK antimicrobial wipes. Kills germs, cleans hands and wounds. First Aid: 1 Basic 36 Piece First Aid Kit good for minor emergencies. Bandages, wound cleansing and closure. Treat basic emergency injuries.

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