Curlers, Sleep Curlers SXG 30 PCS No Heat Rollers for Long&Short Hair, Pillow Curlers For Women&Girls- Pink


It is a upgrade mode of the flexi rods, using this set of hair curlers, no hurts when you remove the curlers from your hair. You can get a beautiful curls hair after using this set of hair rollers. The biggest advantage is no need to wasting time, you can easily get it when you sleeping, but heatless to your hair. It is economic, you can reuse hundreds of times, suitable hair rollers for short or long hair.
How to use:
1, Wash you hair and dry it about 70% dry.
2. Be sure your hair is completely knotted and at this stage add any plump spray over the entire length.
3. Depending on your hair length and the desired curly hair size, then repair your hairstyle.
4. Gently spray a layer of stereotypes water, be careful not too much, keep a good sleep position before going to sleep and sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours.
5. In the morning, carefully remove all curlers and separate the curls with your fingers.
6. Comb your hair with your fingers, so that the curling better positioning.
Color: 30Pcs Spot Pink / 20Pcs Spot Pink+10Pcs Spot Black
Material: Sponge / polyester / aluminum wire
Weight: 78g
Size: 8 inch * 1.6 inch
Product: 1 * 30 hair curlers

  • Sleep Styler: This set of curlers you can sleep in, curl beautiful hair but not wasting your time.
  • No Heat Curlers: It is soft curler, made from sponge and soft fabric, no need to heat the hair, you can get a natural curls effect.
  • Economic and Reuse: The price is friendly and you can repeat use the hair rollers, useful but economic.
  • Flexi Rods Upgrade: It is a sponge curlers instead of the foam roller, and cover with spot fabric. It is not only more cute but avoid to pulls your hair when you remove it , your hair worth the better curlers.
  • Different Color combination: 20Pcs Pink+10Pcs Black and 30Pcs Pink can meet your different needs.

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