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Copper Knives is sharp – sharper than stainless steel,but stays sharp.You will never need to waste time sharpening, cut through tough meats like steak and pork whilst having control and precision on soft foods, like fruits,cakes.Copper Knives feeling as good as new.Red Copper knife set has endless upsides. This multipurpose copper kitchen knife set includes x3 Copper Cutlery that cover all areas of cooking.This set features: Knife Set Copper - All round cooking knife, but good with Meats,Vegetable Chopping,Slicing,Mincing and Chopping. Serrated Knife Set Copper - Perfect for Breads,Citrus Fruits and cakes.Features a fork on the end to help pick up breads once cut Filet Kitchen Aid Copper Knife - Perfect for Filleting and Boning Fish.Effortlessly remove the skin from a fish in a flash The 3 piece red copper knife kitchen set is a perfect for men and women.Making it a gift for chef.Your gift will love the endless features the copper plated knife set.

  • COPPER BLADE - Sharper than stainless steel, yoper kitchen knife setu’ll never waste time sharpening your Copper Knives again. Precision cutting through tough meats and huge control on soft vegetables by means of coo
  • KNIFE SET 3pcs - An 8inch Copper Knife set (For meats, Vegetable Chopping, Slicing, Mincing), Serrated copper knife set (For breads) and 8 Inch Filet copperhandle knife set (Filleting fish and boning)
  • RED COPPER KNIFE SET - A set of copper knives for Men and Women makes the perfect gift with 3 piece copper knife set for Birthdays, Anniversaries and Christmas. Chefs love the endless features a copper cake knife set has to offer.
  • DISHWASHER FRIENDLY - Since these Copper Knives as seen on TV are made of Ceramic Steak Copper, you’ll love the fact they are corrosion and rust free making them dishwasher friendly, they’ll last a lifetime saving you money.
  • THE FINE SELECTION - The ONLY listing on offering 10 Year Warranty Unisex Best Gift Non-Risk Deal

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