CNPGD [U.S. Warranty] All-in-1 Smartwatch and Watch Cell Phone Gold for iPhone, Android, Samsung, Galaxy Note, Nexus, HTC, Sony


  • Exclusive for CNPGD, Smart Watch + Cell Phone Watch + Health Control + Media Control
  • Insert 2g gsm network sim card, it's a regular watch style cell phone
  • Connect to Android Smartphone(available for all brand's Android System smartphone) and Iphone, it's a smartwatch
  • Install provided APK file on Android smartphone, this watch can sync message, email, facebook, twitter, whatsapp notifications


Watch Style Cell Phone + Bluetooth Smart Sync Watch + Many others All-in-1 Watch

Watch Style Cell Phone: 
  • Insert GSM 2G Micro sim card, use as a regular cell phone.
  • Call your carrier to verify if they are GSM network (in USA, AT&T, T-Mobile is GSM, for others better to call to verify)
  • Sim card should be 2G Micro Sim Card(3G or 4G sim card is NOT available).
Bluetooth Smartwatch: 
  • Connect to your Iphone or Android phone, Sync calls, call history, phonebook or music to this watch.
  • This function is available with or without sim card.
  • All IOS devices such as Iphone or Ipad, or Android OS devices such as smartphones or tablets are also available.
Health Control Center(Build-in functions on watch):
  • Pedometer / Sleep monitor / Sedentary reminder 
Notification Center(ONLY for Android devices with installation of provided APK file):
Push smartphone app notifications such as
  • Email / Text messages / Facebook / Twitter / Whatsapp / Skype / Other apps
Media Control Center: 
Build-in Functions on watch
  • Camera / Mp3/mp4 player / Alarm / Calendar
The following functions are ONLY for Android OS devices with installation of provided APK file: 
  • Anti-Lost: watch beeps away from smartphone 10 to 20 feet)
  • Remote Camera Control: control Android OS Device camera to take photos or videos from watch)

Hi-Tech plus art-design in your wrist

Yes, it's a cell phone
  • Unlocked for all countries' GSM 2G Micro Sim Card
  • With build-in camera, speaker, mic, Pedometer, Sleep monitor, Sedentary reminder
Insert Sim Card, you can
  • Call & receive calls
  • Send & receive Text Message
  • Use Web Browser (with sim card GPRS activated)

Insert TF memory Card(up to 32GB), you can
  • Take photos, Videos and voice records
  • Enjoy Videos and Music on TF card

Sync calls to watch from Iphone or Android Phone

Yes, it's ALSO a smartwatch!

Both on Iphone and Android phone, you can Sync:
  • Sync calls / Call history / Phonebook / Music / Other app sound 
Only on Android Phone, by Installing provided APK file 
You can sync:
  • Text message / Email / Facebook / Twitter / Whatsapp / Skype / Much more other apps
You can use this watch as a cell phone and a smartwatch at the same time!
Insert valid sim card to the watch, at the same time, sync to Iphone or Android phone.
Dial the number on watch keypad, you will have 2 choices:
  • Make this call from the watch sim card
  • Make this call from Iphone or Android phone(show as from BT bluetooth)

Fun watch, Fun life

Watch Cell Phone + Smartwatch
Both life mate and business helper
  • Easy to carry on sports
  • Analog watch faces 
  • More Languages on menu
  • Vibrating Alert 
  • Alarm
Compatible for IOS & Android OS devices
  • Iphone all versions
  • Ipad all versions
  • Android OS Samsung, Moto, Sony, LG, Huawei, ZTE, etc
  • Android OS tablets
IOS devices can only sync calls, call history, phonebook and music
Remote Camera Control(Android Only)

Health Center
  • Pedometer
  • Anti-Lost
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Sedentary Reminder

Type: Unknown Type

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