CHARGED 6" Rhodonite Crystal Bracelet Tumble Polished Stretchy (Empowering Grace & Raising Kundalini) HEALING ENERGY REIKI by ZENERGY GEMS

You will receive one 6 Inch (Fits 5.5" - 6.75" Wrists Comfortably) Rhodonite Bracelet & Selenite Charging Crystal from the EXACT lot shown (see all the photos)!

Lithotherapy (Stone Therapy) & Metaphysical Value of Rhodonite Crystal:*** Rhodonite instills feelings of self confidence, refinement, gracefulness, courtesy, tact, and brings awareness of alternatives to problems that impede inner growth. It is known to help with intuition and to stimulate development of the metaphysical processes both for meditation and channeling. It is used to raise Kundalini and supports the free flow of energy through the energy centers of the body. It is stabilizing and calming to the physical, mental, emotional and ethereal bodies. During contemplation it can help balance peace and solitude with daily activities. It activates awareness of love through the heart and bridges to the mind.

Rhodonite rules the heart chakra, simultaneously activating, opening and clearing both the heart chakra and the heart itself. It grounds energy and is innately yin-yang balanced. It is often used in healing to ease the pain and trauma of past abuse and physical injury. It is also very helpful in where self-destruction and self-sabotage occur through abuse of the self. If worn with intent, it can help to clear away pain and baggage from the past that may fester as resentment or anger. It is also beneficial to use with intent when working through past-life betrayal and abandonment. It's primary purpose is to help through self-forgiveness and self-love.

***PLEASE NOTE: No federal agencies endorse or support any of these claims or beliefs. We do not guarantee any claims of benefit from the crystals we sell, but do guarantee their quality and your satisfaction 100%! You'll love them and they will love you back for as long as you own them. We can only guarantee the size and quality of products 'sold by' us. Please Check?

  • Fits 5.5" - 6.75" Wrists Comfortably. Each Natural Rhodonite Bracelet comes with a Selenite Heart Crystal CHARGING Cube to keep it charged while waiting for you to bring her home. (See Photos)
  • CHARGED & Cleansed on Selenite Heart Crystal Logs (See Photos). Natural Rhodonite Crystal Bead Size: 8 - 13 mm diameter (about 14 - 20 Crystal Beads).
  • Your Natural Rhodonite Stretchy Bracelet Comes Packaged in an eco-friendly ZenergyGems Jewelry Gift Box with a Comfy Cotton Bed!
  • IMPORTANT The Charged natural Rhodonite Crystals Bracelet described in this listing, are only available from ZenergyGems and fulfilled by .com. WARNING CHOKING HAZARD: Not suitable for children under 5 years of age!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back! You will love them & they will love you back!

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