Car Air Purifier with HEPA Filter,Odor Allergen Allergies Eliminator,Portable Mini Air Purifier Ionizer to Reduce Mold Odor Dust Smoke


  • True HEPA and active carbon filter captures 99% of allergens including pet dander, dust mites, pollen, formaldehyde PM2.5,smoke,bacteria. can effectively remove formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other peculiar smell gas.
  • Air Ionizer : Negative ion generator can produce larger than 10 million anion energy to help prompt fresh and clean air.Meanwhile, added with a built-in ultraviolet germicidal lamp.
  • Ozone Generator:Ozone output 10mg/h(The ozone function is working alone).Can quickly decompose smell bacteria, germs, and formaldehyde that make air fresh and clean.
  • Smart Mode : Can automatically adjust the fan speed in according with the inside air quality. Besides, it can display the current air quality by changing the color of the LED light, for example, if the light is green, it shows the air quality is good; if the light is blue, it shows the air quality is normal; if the light is red, it shows the air quality is bad; if the button light is red, it indicates that it's time to change the filter screen.
  • Carry-on expert: It can work in different environment, including small room,kitchen,closet,car,pet area. Reminder: recommended to use in the space of small range only. Helping people reduce dizziness, headache, carsick, nausea by having the fresh and healthy air.

Polluted air enter the product from air inlet. Purification process as belows:
①.HEPA filter: Traps particles as small as 0.3 microns.( allergens, pollen, dust, smoke,pet dander, etc. )
②.Photocatalyst Filter works with UV Light to break down and destroy poisonous fume,VOCs,odors,germs,viruses,bacteria,mildew and fungus.
③.UV light and photocatalyst filter:Breaks down poisonous fumes and VOC's, i.e. formaldehyde, ammonia.
④.Nano Siver Filter kills many types of germs, viruses, fungi and bacteria
⑤.Activated carbon filter: Absorbs smoke and odors.
⑥.Negative ions: emits more than 10 Million anions
⑦.Ozone generator:strongly purify the air

Product Features:
Granular Activated Carbon Filter
99% True HEPA Filter
Advanced UV Nano Photocatalytic-oxidation
Advanced Negative ion generator
Air Quality Sensor
Air Quality Sensor Light Indicator
Two Speed Mode
Ozone Generator
Smart Built-in Operation Timer
Portable Handy Design
Double Usb Port Can Charge for Smartphones

Product Size: 8.07*6.42*2.24in
Power Supply: 12V-2A
Power Consumption: 17 Watts(max)
Charging: DC Adapter
Anion Concentration: 10 Million/CC
Interface: Car Power

What in the box?
1 x Car Air Purifier
1 x 12v Power Adapter
1 x Ture HEPA filter(in the purifier)
1 x Nylon strap
1 x User Manual

Replacement filters ASIN: B01J59S5LM

NOTE:Please use the ozone function at the place where there are no people

Type: Unknown Type

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