Brain focus and memory supplements - BRAIN MEMORY BOOSTER (POWERFUL FORMULA) - St johns wort vitamins - 2...


Brain focus and memory supplements - brain memory booster (powerful formula) - st johns wort vitamins - 2 bottles 120 capsules

ginkgo biloba - brain booster: ginkgo biloba is an ancient herb that has been used in chinese medicine for thousands of years. Numerous studies have demonstrated ginkgo biloba extract can be beneficial for increasing brain activity and memory, retention, boost focus, and stimulate creative thinking.

phosphatidylserine - memory support: phosphatidylserine supplementation can be beneficial for increasing the speed of calculations done in short-term memory by 20% in a group of healthy adult volunteers. Besides phosphatidylserine can be beneficial for supporting mood and fight off stress.

st. John's wort - nervous system support: studies suggest that st. John's wort has significant amounts of hyperforin and hypericin which may raise (dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin) they beneficial for normal functionality of our nervous system.

glutamine - depression support: l-glutamine also strengthens the brain by increasing neurotransmitters. L-glutamine ismon ingredient in brain health supplements and will be beneficial for supporting against anxiety and depression.

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