Bisacodyl 10 MG Laxative Rectal Suppositories Generic for Dulcolax 100 Unit Dose/Box

  • (789937)

Size:1 Box 100 Suppositories

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Count 100 each Bisacodyl suppositories USP 10 milligrams relieves occasional constipation and irregularity. This product usually causes bowel movement in 15 minutes to 1 hour. INGREDIENTS Each suppository contains: Bisacodyl USP 10milligrams LaxativeCount 100 EA Bisacodilo suppositories USP 10 milligrams irregularidades y alivia el estrenimiento ocasional. Este producto normalmente causas movimiento intestinal en 15 minutos a 1 hora. Ingredientes Cada supositorio contiene: Bisacodilo USP 10 milligrams laxante

Type: Unknown Type

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