Best Pure Green Tea Extract Capsules - 500 mg Fat Burner Pills with EGCG Catechins - Weight Loss -...

  • BURN FAT – Boost metabolism + burn calories with herbal source caffeine – 60 capsules with 98% extract – daily dosage with all the benefits but easier + faster than drinks – liquids – powders + drops
  • ANTIOXIDANT – Green Tea Leaf Extract – high in potent Epigallocatechin – flavonoids – phytochemicals + polyphenol catechins for cardiovascular + cellular + immune support – adipose + fat oxidization
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Only the highest quality extracts go into our capsules + supplements – with naturally occurring L Theanine – relaxing formula improves mood + concentration + mental health + diet
  • GENTLE ENERGY – Stable all day boost – sourced caffeine for organic buzz + stamina + detox - consistent + constant – feel good + be more productive – leaves harvested fresh for purest stimulant power
  • NATURAL NOOTROPIC – Boost brain function with caffeine + L Theanine – better cognition – memory – speed – reaction – problem solving – mood – naturally stacked + bioavailable for superior effects

"For centuries, green tea has been used in Eastern traditions and has recently surged in popularity among Western practitioners, consumers and health-conscious people for its multi-faceted powers and abilities. Gentle energy, detox and cleansing plus brain-boosting nootropics combine to make Green Tea a timeless super-player in the herbal world. Green Tea is rich in bioavailable antioxidants, known as Catechins that are healing, cleansing and support your body on a cellular level. Green Tea even contains a small amount of essential trace minerals. We fill our capsules with pure Green Tea extract at 98%. A typical profile includes: -Epigallocatechin-3-P-gallate 45% Minimum: An antioxidant polyphenol, EGCG is the active compound in Green Tea. Contributes to detox, heart health and even inhibits DHT. -Polyphenol Catechins 75%Minimum: Flavanoid that promotes all-over health. -Naturally-Occurring Caffeine 5% Maximum: Gentle metabolism + fat burning boost with mental + brain support for better cognition + productivity. Our formula is always natural, always pure, and our bottles and capsules are filled with complete care and attention. We guarantee your satisfaction 100% Please let us know how the healing and boosting powers of this Green Tea supplement change your life and support your weight loss, mental and productivity goals."

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