All-in-one Makeup Kit Professional Eye Shadow Palette Lip Gloss Blush Eyebrow Powder,72 Colors


  • All-in-one Makeup Kit: 40 colors matte eye shadow,8 colors shimmer eye shadow,12 colors lip gloss,4 colors blush,4 colors eyebrow powder,4 colors face powder in a fashion black leopard case with mirror and 3 pieces eye-shadow brush.
  • Multiple Choice: 72 colors makeup kit palettes including eyeshadow,lip gloss,blush,eyebrow powder,face powder.You can complete to drawing a perfect makeup with this professinal makeup kit only.It can last for all day long.
  • Widely Used: big size(7.5*5.7*0.8 inches) and high quality so that you can be use it in a long time,it meet different people needs,perfect makeup kit for theater performers,dancers,college students,dance makeup and a variety of skin tones.
  • Safe and Natural: professional makeup kit does not contain any chemical spices,pearlescent eye shadow has strong adhesion,easily to leave color and does not blooming.
  • What You Get: Friendly Customer Service,Professional Ecvtop 72 Colors All-in-one Makeup Kit Palette,click on the "Add To Cart" Button NOW.


​Ecvtop 72 Colors All-in-one Makeup Kit Palette

  • Colors match your every look, also for different occasions, casual, party, wedding 
  • High quality ingredients with silky shine color, can last for all day long! 
  • With 2 layer easy-to-carry design, it is more convenient to use! Glossy color and norish ingredients together to care eye skin around! 
  • Perfect for both Professional Salon or Home use! 
  • Case Size:14.5cm x 19.5cm x 2.8cm 

​The steps for using Ecvtop eyeshadow

  • Dip light-colored eye shadow brushing the entire eyelid area.
  • Dip a darker color eye shadow brushing the entire eye socket position and stretch a little from the end of eye.
  • Dip an other darker eye shadow along the edge of the orbit, making the eyes more profound, dip light eye shadow modified eye brow and eye head.
    Powder cosmetics maybe broken in long-distance transport, 1-3 broken powder does not affect the normal use. If unfortunately there are a few broken, please follow the following methods to remedy:
  • Mix the crushed powder and toner thoroughly
  • Firmly compact the powder tightly
  • Next day when toner evaporates and there is a new eye shadow.

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