3 PCS/Pack Universal Thickened TPU Car Tire Anti-skid Chain Emergency Tire Anti-skid Belt For Winter Snow Road

Material: TPU + alloy
Color: black, yellow
Speed limit: 50 km/h
Applicable tire width: about 165-265mm / 6.50-10.43in
1. This fixing buckle made of zinc alloy is designed to ensure that the front and side of the tires will not be worn down.
2. This strong wear-resistant engineering belt with good pressure-resistant performance is not easy to break.
3. A pad is designed at the bottom of the fixing buckle to make the driving more secure.
4. It is durable, anti-friction and anti-tear.
5. Made of 100% TPU, it can resistant to up to 50 ℃ low temperature.
6. Applicable Scope: ice road, snow road and mud road
7. Applicable Models: most of the car tires
Packing List:
3 * Anti-skid Chain
1 * Snow Shovel
1 Pair Of Anti-skid Gloves