(2018 New Arrival)Rii Wireless Bluetooth Touchpad Gamepad Control With Clip And Regargeable Battery For Android Box,,Smart TV/Phone, Tablet,Windows,Linux

How to pair with your Bluetooth Device
* Press and Hold the POWER/MODE buttons 5s until the LED on the bottom
of gamepad blinks ON,then release the button .
* The LED willblinking slowly twice times after 3s and into pairing .
* Turn your device Bluetooth on and search the available Blutooth
device -Game Controller and pair.
* Until the LED stopped blinking and keep lit ,that means pair success .
* The first Entry mode will follow the previous mode and indicator.

How to use the Clip
* Opening it
* Aligning the TOUCH panel
* Pullin gto the dege
* Pushing and locking up

Mode for Controller
The gamepad offers tow different operating modes GAMEPAD and
Mouse/Keyboard(Touch pad).

Gamepad mode
* A standard HID gamepad with tow analog sticks and 8-way D-Pad.
* 4axes 12/16 buttons with POV function gamepad on PC.
* For Android support 3.2 or above and Fire TV.

Mouse/Keyboard(Touch Pad) Mode
* Standard mouse to operate for PC USB device.
* Support the touch-screen-controlled Android apps and games as mouse
on Android .
* The two shoulder buttons as the Left and Right mouse buttons .

How to charge
* When in low power,the LED will blink slowly.
* Micor USB cable to recharge .
* When charging ,the LED will be illuminated.
* When full ,the LED will shut off.

*Keys: 17 keys
*Joystick: 2pcs
*Weight: 166g
*Compatibility: Win 10/Win 8/Win 7/Linux/Vista/Mac/IBM PC

  • 1.Support different device for Set Top Box,Tablet,Smart phone with Android 3.2 and up ,PC.
  • 2.Standard Bluetooth and easy to pair without any other PIN code.
  • 3.A special Touch panel design easy to control and support more touch/mouse games.
  • 4.Dual Analog Mini Sticks with 8-way Directions Pad,3Media keys ,3 systerm buttons and A/B/X/Y
  • 5.Built-in Rechargeable battery(380mAH),4 LED indicators for charging,working and function modes

Type: Unknown Type

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