200 mcg Chromium Picolinate Metabolism Supplement - Chromium Function Support - Trace Mineral...

  • GLUCOSE TOLERANCE FACTOR – GTF assists body health + Chromium is essential part of the GTF which is a cofactor – stabilizes blood sugar + helps body work optimally
  • CHROMIUM FOR BETTER BLOOD SUGAR – Keep blood sugar steady consistent + low with biologically active Chromium combines with picolinic acid – assists insulin in delivering energy to cells
  • METABOLISM BOOST – Utilize sugar faster – burn calories quicker + melt fat faster – Our pills help body absorb more Chromium + efficiently metabolize carbohydrates lipids + proteins – food to fuel
  • TRACE MINERAL + MICRONUTRIENT – 200 mcg 100% pure elemental metallic Chromium packed into each and every high quality cap – natural mineral source with easier delivery than powder or liquid
  • BODY BENEFITS – Many bodily processes + functions occur thanks to this vital metallic element – blood sugar is stabilized and thus acne can improve + appetite can be suppressed or normalized

Metallic trace minerals are vital to almost all of our cellular processes, but if we’re deficient in any of these essentials, issues can arise with blood sugar levels, cholesterol, metabolism, energy, skin and more. Chromium is one such mineral. Even though it’s found in relatively small amounts in the body, it’s nonetheless required to maintain a healthy human life. Chromium is involved in insulin response and therefore cholesterol + blood sugar levels, skin clarity, energy and metabolism. High-carb or high-sugar diets can throw your insulin response out of balance. Chromium works in the body to more efficiently transport glucose from blood to cells—where ATP is then manufactured. Each of our capsules contains 200 mcg pure, biologically active Chromium Picolinate. Easy to take, easy to absorb. If you find you need Chromium, stick with us—we only use the purest, highest-quality ingredients in our supplements. We are so confident you will be happy; we offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction! As always consult a doctor when considering dietary supplementation.

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