2 PACK Milk Thistle Seed Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract, 4 fl oz, 240 doses - Greenbush 100% Natural...

  • 100% pure Milk Thistle liquid extract in a vegetable glycerin base. A to Z Guarantee
  • Liver health is the single most important factor in maintaining good health, weight level and energy
  • Medicinal Strength: 1/2ml = 500mg 240 doses per bottle. Add to any beverage you like
  • Cleanse and detox. Improve digestion. Contains Silymarin to help prevent oxidative cell damage.
  • Manufactured in the USA, FDA Inspected, Kosher Certified, and free of harmful pesticides.

Greenbush® Milk Thistle Alcohol-Free extract supports healthy liver function and liver protection for optimal health. The liver is a work horse. It is under constant attack from environmental toxins, impurities, alcohol and prescription and over the counter drugs. It is directly responsible for skin health, energy levels, hormone levels and vitality. When your liver health suffers so does your general health and vitality. There is no drug on the market that can aid in liver health. Natural medicine is your only alternative for cleansing and protecting the liver. The herbs below are remarkable in their ability to restore liver health: the first step in any program to cleanse the body and restore health and vitality. Greenbush Milk Thistle extract is your best option for liver health. Scientifically Advanced & Healthy Organic Extraction Process
Greenbush® utilizes a proprietary cold extraction process called Bio-Chelation® to ensure clean, organic turmeric extracts every time.
Greenbush® also uses a cold extraction process, as opposed to a heat extraction process, to help maintain the full spectrum, or Holistic Balance™ of the plant's constituents in the final product. The end-result is an alcohol-free extract containing the essential properties of the complete herb.

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