[2 Pack] Key Fob Signal Blocker,Monojoy Anti-tracking Anti-spying Rfid Signal Shielding Pouch Bag for Car Key FOB Pack of 2(Black)


  • Specially designed and stitched to block RFID signals in the range of 10 kHz-30 gHz
  • Convenient and portable - inner silver layer blocks signals, outer Oxford cloth black layer can be used as a normal case - a modern and fashionable design
  • Block Car-key FOB Signal - Keep your car's security system from getting hacked
  • 2 in 1 pocket bag -- Inner gold layer blocks signals ( but CAN NOT BE WASHED ), outer PU leather on all sides with dual paired seam construction. Shields keyfobs, WiFi cards, thumbdrives, and other small devices from ALL wireless signals. EMI shielding & RFI shielding, used for forensics, military, executive travel, personal security, EMP protection, and solar flare protection
  • Self-Defense Signal Blocker -- Now action, stop your keyless entry fobs from being remotely accessed. Also when you forget leaving the samrtkey in your car, and leave the car alone on somewhere, it can help you to stop Thieves Amplifying Your Fob Signal And Opening Car.


Package include:2 x Signal blockers
2 in 1 Pocket Small Faraday Bag with Signal Blocking / Anti-Hacking / Vehicle Security for Keyfobs & Electronic Devices
<1>Protects your personal and financial data by blocking RFID scanners & readers from detecting your cards' RFID signals.
<2>Just be careful you put the fob into the rear most gold pocket.
<3>Size : 23x10cm
<4>Material : PU leather (outer layer) + velvet (inner layer)
⇨ Thwarts car theft from thieves using the keyfob hacking method.
⇨ Protects vehicles from malicious entry.
⇨ Allows a spare keyfob to be stored in a vehicle (the vehicle doesn't know it's there, so it will allow itself to be locked).
⇨ Secures credit cards and RFID chips from hacking.
⇨ Protects staff personnel access cards from being copied.
☑ Smart automobile keyfobs
☑ Building access keyfobs
☑ Security/access cards
☑ Credit cards
☑ Apple/smart watches
☑ Thumbdrives
☑ WiFi cards
☑ Garage remotes
☑ Additional small electronics

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