14k Gold Tiny Stud Earrings for Women & Girls - Real Hypoallergenic, Small & Minimalist (14k Tiny Flower CZ Stud Earrings)

  • ✵ Wearing our 14K Yellow Gold Stud Earrings are a way to express the women you are... without saying a word, they are the charming pair of accessory to finish off your style for All day, every day. These babies are our best seller, and for good reason: They're gorgeous golden statement lightweight piece that enhances your ensemble with a little sparkle and shine, they’re insanely versatile and designed to be comfortable enough to sleep in. So pop ‘em in, sit back, and wait for the compliments.
  • 😍We love these small stud earrings because it can be worn for many different reasons and for many different purposes. it can be both timeless and trendy, classy and edgy, in your face and subtle. It is a great way to express one’s feelings, whether it’s by wearing to express your inner fashionista or by giving as a present to a special someone. There are many reasons we love these earrings, and now you should too!
  • We are on a mission to expose the traditional ways of the jewelry industry. No more back and forth about the “best deal possible,” no more overseas manufacturing, and no more sugar-coating materials. Balluccitoosi a brand built on Fair trade jewelry, our jewelry made in the US by artisans who work under safe and humane working conditions and are paid a fair wage for their work and made without child labor and is crafted using environmentally sustainable methods.
  • 💯Satisfaction Guarantee; We love our customer and will do everything to guaranty your satisfaction with our product. All Balluccitoosi Stud Earrings provide 30-day return policy and lifetime customer service if for any reason your unhappy with our product we offer a full refund - no question asked.
  • A portion of profits goes to charity. as a company, it is our mission to create love and happiness in the lives of all that we touch. that is we donate a portion of proceeds from each piece of our jewelry to a child's life chances for children charity. by choosing to pearches these earrings not only you are getting an amazing product at a price you can afford, but you are also helping improve the quality of life for others. Order yours now and consider buying another one for your best friend!

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