110V Bean Sprouts Machine Automatic Intelligence Electronical Seed Sprouts Maker Food Grad PP Material 2 Layers Large Capacity Power-off Memory Function Sprouter


  • 【Healthy & Safe】Be made of extra thick PP material, non-toxic,non smell & healthy.
  • 【Automatic & Intelligence】Sprinkle water automaticly and consistently to provide sufficient water to grow the sprouts
  • 【8 hours power-off memory】If the power supply is interruped within 8 hours for changing water or other situations,the machine will continue working as long as power supply return to normal.
  • 【Safety design】water and electricity separation,Don't worry about leakage.
  • 【Sprout in winter】3 temperature modes,you can sprout beans even the temperature is 41℉/5℃.professional technology to make sure the seed sprouting in 2.5 day.

Size:Sprout Machine

Voltage (V):110V
Power (W):20W
Material: Extra thick PP, ABS
Layer: 2 Layers
Capacity of incubator:4-6 people
Bean Sprouting Time: about 2.5-6 days
Mode:3 temperature mode,you can sprout beans even the temperature is 41℉/5℃ Advantage: 360 degree spray
Energy saving: super energy saving

Package includes:
1x Bean Sprout Machine
1x Shade Cloth
1x User Manual

1.The sprouter machine is made of extra thick PP material,which is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and durable.
2.3 different temperature modes, you can make your own bean sprouts even the temperature is 41℉/5℃
3.The watering system is automatic.The sprinkler head can 360-degree sprinkler to prevent uneven germination of beans.
4.Aording to our test results,the machine can sprout multiple tytpes of seeds,such as soya beans,peas,mung beans,black beans,radish seeds,string beans,wheat,red beans and so on.
5.The machine designs water and electricity separation.No worry about leakage.
6,It's very easy to operate and the user manual will exhaustively tell you how to sprout seeds step by step.Follow the manual,even children can sprout seeds well.

Warm tips:
1.When you sprout mung bean,pea or wheat seed,please cover the machine with shade cloth which is included in the package.
2.Meet any problem about the machine or how to sprout,please contact us,we will provide professional advice for you.

Type: Kitchen

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